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What items do you carry on your person to help you in case of emergency?


Information is key to getting through life's ups and downs.

Technology is your friend

Solar chargers and batteries can keep you connected to the world.

We are NOT a Doomsday Prepper page. We do not get people to prepare through the use of fear. We are here to educate ourselves and the others in our lives. We prepare because it makes sense to be responsible for yourself and those in your family and those around you. Are there dangers out there beyond our control, YES, but just about everything is beyond our control, so having a means to deal with those dangers and emergenices is our goal. If preparing for a major world altering SHTF scenario is your only goal, we may not be the place for you. But, if you want to keep up on real, everyday life lessons, hacks and learn how that preparing will get you on the road to being prepared for those that do affect us everyday, I'd suggest staying put. And guess what, those real day things, they will prepare you for that world wide pandemic or financial collapse.