Contact your Representatives

I've been debating this post for a few days now. I've finally decided that I must say something even though it can be construed as going against one of our primary rules, No Politics. But, we are at a very dangerous time right now for a very fundamental Constitutional right, the Right to Bare Arms. One that is already heavily regulated in most parts of the country.
So, wherever you stand on this very hot topic, the only way to get your voice actually heard or counted is to contact your state and local representatives. Now, It's up to you to find your state, I'm not going to list all 50 states contacts but below is the Federal Congress person contact info. Just search via your state for your members and contact them, somehow, via email, phone or even a letter. But do something and then pass it on, get your friends and family involved, if you are in a club, get them on it, bowling league, put down the beer for a couple seconds and sign a pre typed up chain letter. Another thing you could do, if you see a "poll", go answer it, but make sure you read the questions carefully.
Lots of discussion lately amongst long term preppers and others, this time may be a game changer. Should the law abiding be denied something because of the failures of the system already in place, that they now want to hinder even more with new laws that won't be enforced or work? We, as preppers, the ones who want to be more self sufficient, our own first responders and not wanting to rely on the system as much, should not be denied the means and ways to defend ourselves and our family and not have the ability to provide food for our children. It's time for you to make your voice heard. I will be, so should you.