EDC (Everyday Carry)

1. Firearm: It’s up to the individual of what type of firearm is carried, an semi-automatic or revolver, round capacity, single action/double action, single stack/double stack so on and so on. Choose one that works for YOU, not someone else. Make sure you comply with the laws of your state or any states you may carry into.
2. Magazines: At least 1 other full magazine should be carried on your person, 2 would be better but that is up to the individual.
3. Light source: Whether it’s a flashlight, headlamp, keychain light, a light source is very important to have readily available.
4. Blade: Folding or fixed blade, a knife is one of the most important tools to carry on your person at all times. Like all personal tools, find one that you like and can handle. And again, stay legal within your states laws.
5. Fire Starter: A lighter, matches, ferro rod, magnesium, you should have something on you that you can use to start a fire.
6. Multi-tool: A multi-tool with some screw driver bits, a plier, maybe a blade, and some other tools would come in handy in everyday situations.
7. Information: A flash drive or SD card of personal information like contact information, financial, medical, insurance, Head shots of family, photos of personal belongings, All encrypted except the Head shots and basic medical info, like blood type, allergies, pervious surgical procedures.
8. Power: A back up battery and cable for you smart phone.
9. Medical kit: A small Altoids tin with a few band-aids, pain meds, butter-fly band-aids, gauze pads, alcohol wipes, any extra medication you may be on. A tourniquet might be an item you want to carry, only after getting the proper training to use one.
10.Pepper spray: Check local and state laws for legality of carrying.
11.Stun gun/Tazer: Check local and state laws of legality of carrying these items.
12. Cordage: At least 20 feet of 550 cord on a spool or bracelet/watch band.

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